About Us

We’re PetDesk and we work in the best industry in the world. We build technology for the care providers of the best beings in the world—our pets. We help keep them healthy, happy, and give them more time to play with their owners—us!

We treat our local business customers like family. We stand up for them in the face of corporate giants. We win their loyalty by being amazing service providers - not with contracts. We are helping to preserve the high quality of care you get from your neighborhood vet, groomer, and boarder.

To do this we have to be different. We have to set high expectations, we have to work harder AND smarter, and we have to leave work feeling content every night because we killed it that day. Being content keeps you sane during the bad times and aggressive during the good times. We will always strive to do better and grow the company but in that pursuit we will find contentment every day.

About the Role

The purpose of the Account Executive is to sell PetDesk services to vet clinics and hospitals, and to nurture through a consultative approach vet clinics and hospitals that have not yet purchased PetDesk services.

The AE is responsible for the bottom half of the sales funnel (closing) and works closely with our Sales Development Reps who are responsible for scheduling meetings in their calendar for qualified prospects. AEs advise clinics and hospitals, offer value and help on every call, and conduct phone calls to have engaging, enlightening conversations with the prospect. Throughout the call they demonstrate helpfulness, integrity, and genuine interest. They leverage their credibility and rapport to educate and sell PetDesk products and services to veterinary practice managers and owners.

This role uses a Challenger based sales approach that focuses on educating the prospective client on their WHY. They continuously learn about the industry, our solution, and our competitors. They also provide feedback on PetDesk processes so that we continuously improve them.

The journey to Account Executive at PetDesk is part of a sales rotation & training program. You’ll start training as a Sales Development Rep, master that in 3-6 months, then begin your training as an Account Executive.


  • Manage and close the bottom half of the sales funnel.

  • Hit or exceed sales goals.

  • Give product demos over the web.

  • Stay current on competitive landscape.

  • Work closely with Sales Development Reps to schedule product demos.

  • Work closely with Account Managers to help onboard new customers.

  • Gather, organize, and share information about competitors and the vet industry.

About You

  • Builds rapport and talks to prospects in a way that resonates with them.

  • Asks questions. Continually learns about a prospect’s practice by asking questions.

  • Demonstrates active listening and reads between the lines. Practices empathy with prospects.

  • Natural problem solver. Clearly and concisely articulates problems and solutions.

  • Persistent and organized.

  • Flexible and adaptable. It never sounds like you’re using a script.

Compensation & More:

Base pay is $46,000 - $50,000 with incentive compensation of $11,000 - $60,000 or more.