About Us

We’re PetDesk and we work in the best industry in the world. We build technology for the care providers of the best beings in the world—our pets. We help keep them healthy, happy, and give them more time to play with their owners—us!

We treat our local business customers like family. We stand up for them in the face of corporate giants. We win their loyalty by being amazing service providers - not with contracts. We are helping to preserve the high quality of care you get from your neighborhood vet, groomer, and boarder.

To do this we have to be different. We have to set high expectations, we have to work harder AND smarter, and we have to leave work feeling content every night because we killed it that day. Being content keeps you sane during the bad times and aggressive during the good times. We will always strive to do better and grow the company but in that pursuit we will find contentment every day.

About the Role

The purpose of the Sales Development Representative (SDR) is to qualify leads (vet clinics) for the account executive so that the lead is ready to learn more about how PetDesk can solve their problem.


The Sales Development Representative is the first experience along the customer journey, and so is one of the most critical roles at PetDesk. SDRs call on clinics and hospitals, offer value and help on every call, and conduct phone calls to have engaging, enlightening conversations with the prospect. At the end of that call—which demonstrated helpfulness, integrity, and genuine interest—the SDR will leverage their credibility and rapport to schedule a meeting between the prospect and a PetDesk account executive. This is an inside sales role.


  • Make 80 calls a day, executing up to a dozen excellent and interesting conversations with veterinary clinics and hospitals nationwide.

  • Send emails when appropriate to prospects that catch their eye, are readable, and provide value.

  • Meet with their manager and provide insight on the space as they’ve experienced it. The SDR team is the closest we have to a bureau of intelligence.

  • Provide feedback on processes.

About You:

  • Excellent conversationalist.

  • Enthusiastic and geared toward the positive.

  • Flexible and adaptable. You hate scripts.

  • Listen very well, and believes human communication is an organic, living thing. That’s why you hate scripts.

  • Possess a developed business acumen.

  • Insightful, recognize and clear up ambiguity, especially interesting ambiguity.

  • Radiate warmth through the phone, through their emails.

Compensation & More:

Base pay is $30k-$34k, with incentive compensation of $15k-$20k or more. Opportunity to grow into an account executive role within one year.